The New York Times: Perfect  Bar. “

    Time Out NY: Perfect  Saloon              

L Magazine: Brooklyn’s most   eclectic,  smarty-pants  &  resilient  bar.

    Brokelyn Mag: ” One of  the best bars  in the country… boasts both cult  celebrity & a history  stretching back  to  Prohibition.

              New York Mag: “ Greatness  lies behind these  doors.”

Gothamist Best Of: BEST SMALL MUSIC VENUES in NYC. “Freddy’s … a South Brooklyn legend…”

Chosen ONE of the BEST Small MUSIC VENUES in NYC.

Chosen ONE of the BEST Small MUSIC VENUES in NYC.

 Village Voice NYC Guide:Freddy’s hosts some of  the city’s most  original  readings  and performances.”

                           Village Voice: BEST OFBEST BAR VIDEO ART: “Donald O’Finn’s  feverishly edited & encyclopedically  strange  video collages…”


The Wall Street Journal: ” Freddy’s endured as a bar for over seven decades … (now) the  inmates  are running  the  asylum.”

Brooklyn Paper:  One of Brooklyn’s 200  MOST  INFLUENCIAL  INSTITUTIONS.


 Curbed NY: #1 Moment From (Doc Film) “Battle for Brooklyn.” Freddy’s co-owner Donald  O’Finn  being  a  BADASS.


 BRAVO TV  Night life  Guide: When  God created  the  bar,  he named it  Freddy’s

Freddy's Acclaimed Videos are projected outside 365.
Freddy’s Acclaimed Videos are projected outside 365.

NYC Gothamist:  Best Five Barkeeps In NYC. “Donald O’Finn at Freddy’s”

NY Metro Mix:  10 Best Bartenders in NYC.  “Donald O’Finn at Freddy’s”


Hurricane Irene, Hurricane Sandy, a Government & a Millionaire Developer couldn’t close Freddy’s doors: “Freddy’s stays OPEN come Hell or High-water – Literally: “– Brooklyn Vegan:

 The N.Y. City’s Tourist Board lists FREDDY’S as a MUST SEE LOCATION

           Knotmag.com:  “A Mecca  for artists and writers with no stomach  for hipster poseurs or overpriced  drinks.”

Bavatuesdays.com:This  storied  speak easy represents  the  best  combination of  dive bar and  underground  cultural  Mecca.”

Busy Night pictured above

NYC.com – Best Literary Bars: “Co-owner Donald O’Finn’s visual art – check out the mesmerizing mix…” “..musicians of all stripes, and…a meeting place for artists.”

WNYC:  “(Freddy’s) has a cat that you can’t  out-drink, the best  fish-tank in  NYC.  It’s  an Amazing  Bar.”

Freddy's Bar Owners

         AM NY:  “ One of  the Cities  most  popular Dive Bars” 

The Brooklynite: “Freddy’s  is one of  the  borough’s  most  vital  Cultural  Hubs.”                                       

NY  Drinker: “..Eclectic art .. trademark energy  with  their  familiar  activist-minded crowd  &  happily  dancing  bartenders.

 YELP: 5 Stars. “This  is  the  best goddamn bar  you will ever need  to build  a decent buzz – the  bartenders  take care of  you,  the  tunes  are awesome,  the bands  are  better,  the  ambiance is  like  a Mae West’s  boudoir  on  acid & the videos  will  reassess  your take  on  reality.”

Local Bozo:  “In our ever changing and yuppified city, we need places like Freddy’s to thrive. Being original and respected is not easy to come by. Too many of our city’s watering holes and sports bars appear seriously prepackaged and have no soul to them. When I go sit down at a bar for a pint or even a shot,     I want to feel like I am at a place…where I can call home.”

Jose Cuervo Cereal – New for Kids!

Short Doc by Peg Byron on Fred’s NEAR THE END of the old place!

Trailer from another Documentary “Freddys Barhttp://freddysbar.com/2010/06/01/freddys-bar-documentary/  by Vicente Rodriguez Ortega
Film synopsis from BROOKLYN FILM FESTIVAL:
This documentary chronicles the diverse set of characters in Freddy’s community – the bartenders, the regulars, the artists and the musicians. Through their barside reflections, both hilarious and poignant, we see the true importance of this Brooklyn institution. Beyond the late nights and naked Mondays, Freddy’s was a vital part of the neighborhood.

 On Fox n Friends:

Original Bar same bar - 1952

Original Bar same bar – 1952

Bartender Robert McCraddie worked at Freddy's after prohibition (perhaps even during mysterious Speak-Easy period) Born Cardiff Wales 1883. & Died brooklyn NY 1968.
Bartender Robert McCraddie worked at Freddy’s after prohibition (perhaps even during mysterious Speak-Easy period) Born Cardiff Wales 1883. & Died brooklyn NY 1968.

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