Backline Info

The Backroom is a small, multi-use space with concert-hall sound. Our stage can fit 4 or 5  Band members & equipment, no more.  If you approach it carefully, it will treat you well. The room is highly bass responsive & requires VERY little, if any amplification. You will have to do a Sound Check with Staff prior to performing, & must keep levels at those settings. If you play Too Loud you will be asked to Turn down, or Turn OFF.

Backline Freddy's Bar Broolyn

Backline Freddy's Bar Broolyn

Below is a List Of What will be available.


House P.A. – (Europower 14 channel 2000 amp powered mixer with 800 watt effects processor. )

Two Speakers: (Mackie C300 )

One floor monitor. ( Kustom Dual speaker)

4 Mics & 4 stands (Varied Brands & of reasonable quality.)

1 key Board stand:

One Bass Amp: (Ampeg’s BA-115 15)

One Guitar Amp: (X Fender 25R)

Multiple electric plugs on power strip.



Drum Kit included the following (Varied Brands and quality)


One Bass Drum

One Throne

Two Cymbal Stands

One Floor Tom

One High Tom




Please NOTE all Drummers must bring their own.


Snare, Cymbals, Foot Pedal, & High Hat Clutch
Any additional Toms


Do not expect to pull an audience from the separate & sound proofed Frontroom Bar, it rarely happens. You should have an autonomous pull or you may perform to an empty room. We do NOT provide a “built-in” audience. Backroom capacity is approximately 40 people. We can fit 4  Band members & equipment. We are 21 and over only!! Our acoustics are good, and require very little, if any, Amplification. If you expect or need big amplification than you are looking at the wrong venue. Our default set lengths are 45 minutes, and run generally at 8:30, 9:30, 10:30 and 11:30. There is a optional 7:30 acoustic set available.


Be Patient, Prompt, Prepared. Be on Time or EARLY.


OFF NIGHTS AND EARLY WEEKENDS: A SOUND PERSON IS HERE ON THE WEEKENDS AND SOME THURSDAYS, at approx 8pm. Off nights and early week-ends are reserved for acoustic performances or simple events. We do NOT have a sound person on OFF Nights or early week-ends. You are more than welcome to come to the bar well in advance and check everything out. All sets, including the 8:30pm set, must start on Time, thus You must be comfortable with doing your own Sound on any of those Off nights. Again on any night without a authorized sound person available, all adjustments must be supervised by staff, so you must allow plenty of time for a busy staff member to break away and double check your settings. We run casual & loose, but an 8:30pm set needs to start at 8:30pm.

ALL light adjustments MUST BE DONE BY STAFF. All PA setting and adjustments must be overseen and approved by staff. We run a projection system as well, that streams video imagery behind the band. Do NOT Attempt to adjust this, ask staff. (sample: AT NO POINT DURING ANY PERFORMANCE ARE MUSICIANS ALLOWED TO MANUALLY RE-DIRECT The ROOM LIGHTS, the Video Art, the projection, or the Art Lights!