If you would like to perform in our Backroom please read ALL info below!

Peformers are not compensated & We generally never do a cover charge.

In ALL e-mail correspondence always fill the subject box with band name or event name.

First I need a brief PRESS WORTHY music description, with the strongest edited review or press mentions, etc..ASAP…. e-mailed to me in the body of the e-mail text. PLEASE use a simple default Font size 10 or 12 , nothing fancy. .. PLEASE Do not force me to edit it, re-format it, or re-write it !!. Check for spelling, punctuation and capitalization! Be professional, succinct, and VERY brief! This can make the difference between an event getting covered by the press or ignored. Go to a serious publication like “Time Out” for samples. This must be publication ready!   Include a web site link (if applicable) & any (brief ) reviews.                                         Once Booked We will need a small web ready image for us to use – Max size approx 600 KB, 70 res.Please do NOT send image before a performance date & time are finalized.

Peformers are not compensated & We generally never do a cover charge, (sometimes a suggested donation is allowed- but only if the audience YOU PROVIDE is willing to pay it).  Passing the hat is encouraged – Please make your own arrangements to do so. Selling merchandise is ok also. WE NEED TO KNOW WHAT YOUR EXPECTED AUDIENCE PULL WOULD BE HERE IN THE SOUTH SLOPE OF BROOKLYN??  Let us Know!!!! Do not expect to pull drinkers from the separate & sound proofed front room Bar, …it rarely happens. You should have an autonomous pull or you easily may perform to an empty room.  We are 21 and over only!!
Our acoustics are good, and require very little (If any) Amplification. If you expect or need big amplification than you are looking at the wrong venue.

BACK-LINE: The new backroom is a small, multi-use space with concert-hall sound. If you approach it carefully, it will treat you very well. It is highly bass-responsive, so large bass amps are unnecessary and will muddy your sound, as will turning up the bass EQ on your amps or on the PA. The room requires VERY little, if any amplification. If you play Too Loud you will be asked to turn down, or Turn OFF. You will have to do a Sound Check with Staff prior to performing, & must keep levels at those settings.

Backroom early sound check

Below is a list of what will be available-

House P.A. – (Europower 14 channel 2000 amp powered mixer with 800 watt effects processor. )

Two Speakers: (Mackie C300 )

One floor monitor. ( Kustom Dual speaker)

4 Mics & 4 stands (Varied Brands & of reasonable quality.)

1 key Board stand:

One Bass Amp: (acoustic B100)

One Guitar Amp: (X Fender 25R)

Multiple electric plugs on power Strip.

Drum Kit includes: (Varied Brands & of reasonable quality – the following.)

  One Bass Drum

  One Throne

  Two Cymbal Stands

  One Floor Tom

  One High Tom



Snare, Cymbals, Foot Pedal, & High Hat Clutch

Any additional Toms

Be Patient, Prompt, Prepared, Early or On-time.  If you have an early set ( Before 9pm ), or are the first OR THE ONLY BAND performing ( Check Calendar ), please call the BAR (After noon & atlease a couple hours BEFORE you arrive to load in ( 718 768-0131) & tell the bartender the TIME OF YOUR EVENT & THE TIME OF YOUR LOAD IN, & WHAT (of the list provided you’ll need available! DO NOT CALL & ASK FOR BACKLINE INFO – You can go to & scroll down. You are also more than welcome to come to the bar well in advance and check everytthing out.

We run casual & loose, so be prepared to handle your own set up. If concerned Arrive early & Talk to staff to ask for any assistance in setting up, sound check, etc…They get busy so if you need something you MUST ask for it, and HAVE PLENTY OF TIME for it’s provision. Be Patient, prompt, prepared, early or on time.
AGAIN – Do NOT call & ask for Backline info. You can go to & scroll down.
ALL Light adjustments MUST BE DONE BY STAFF: Do NOT TOUCH ANY of the ART LIGHTS, THEY ARE NOT STAGE LIGHTS, THEY ARE LIGHTS SET UP FOR THE EXHIBITION OF ART WORK!. There are 2 lights, one to the right of the stage and another to the left. There is an additional light directly overhead. If more light is needed you MUST Speak to staff- there is a clamp light behind the “stage left” speaker that STAFF ONLY can potentially add to your lighting.

We run a projection system as well, that streams video imagery behind the band.  Do NOT Attempt to adjust this, ask staff.  (sample:              AT NO POINT DURING ANY PERFORMANCE ARE MUSICIANS ALLOWED TO MANUALLY RE-DIRECT  The ROOM LIGHTS, the projection, or the Art Lights! Feel free to bring your own stuff to supplement what we have, but space & storage is an issue.


SAMPLE Band Bio/Music description #1

The Whiskey Boys: Folk music, original Irish, Old Time, & Bluegrass reharmonized with Jazz and Pop chord changes. Often rowdy, sometimes tender.

SAMPLE Band Bio/Music Description #2

Ruby Rae: Side project of NYC based pop-punk band The Ex-Debutantes. Like a night at the drive-in.  Songs showcase rockabilly inflected instrumentation paired with sinister stories of monsters, love, and guns.”
“The throwback honkytonk tunes of Ruby Rae [are] darker than your usual singer-songwriter fare, with noir-ish and Southern gothic influenced lyrics.” – Washington Post


OK – Now IF YOU ARE READY… PLEASE… Send A submission via email (satisfying the above requirements) to

Donald O’Finn


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