GEEK NIGHT!: Wizard's Duel + 11pm ODKA / & Kevin McWha Steele at 10pm + 12 am Bop Monroe & POCKET MONSTER:

Sat 5 Oct 2013 - 8: pm

Brooklyn, NY

8pm GEEK NIGHT!: Wizard’s Duel
Geek Night trivia and costume contest! This month, Muggles and wizards of all ages (over 21, of course ) are invited to join us for a spot of Harry Potter based trivia and dazzle us with your best costume.
9pm MORE Wizard’s Duel

10pm Kevin McWha Steele & The Nightly Howl!

“Kevin Steele is a brilliantly versatile modern singer/songwriter who can rock furiously as well as deliver languid french chansons in a smooth as silk crooner’s voice. There is always something arresting going on in his extremely well-crafted and catchy songs. He deserves to be alot better known.” – Gary Lucas (Jeff Buckley, Gods and Monsters, Captain Beefheart, etc.) May 2012

Acuvi says, “It’s utterly brilliant, diverse and highly innovative.”

Veglam Magazine compared Kevin’s songwriting to that of Ziggy Stardust and Serge Gainsbourg.

Taxi Music labeled his performance “Eclectic and unique. This songwriter is loaded with artistic creativity and experienced musicianship. The vocals are executed with a fierce commitment to character and tonality.”

Steele brings his own unique blend of French-Anglo pop, folk, rock and jazz to the stage.  “Squealing, eye-rolling and/or profanities welcome!”– PR Newswire, January 2012

Kevin McWha Steele: "Squealing, eye-rolling and/or profanities welcome!" - PR Newswire,



















 11pm ODKA: Alt‑Country-Prog‑Rock. singer/songwriter Dennie Hausen, guitarist/inventor Jon Blackstone Steele and composer/percussionist Michael Campbell.

Dennie Hausen from Odka

Dennie, a bassist who played with The Kidneys, Cherry Love Affair, Bleeding Hearts Choir and others.  Mike Campbell is a composer who played with Patti Smith and Black Forest. Jon Blackstone Steele has himself been a frontman/songwriter (Furniture, Paper Dolls), but is better-known as the inventor of the “dual-range guitar.”

12 amBop Monroe & POCKET MONSTER: “Heavy on the guitars, bass, keys, drums and tambourines. Tightly constructed original songs with pretty vocals, 3 part harmonies and obscure pop/literary references. The very definition of ‘a Bop Monroe song’ can be found on the CD releases “Shake Shake Shake!”, “AMBIDUSTRIAL™” & “Oh Great Tiger Spider” on AstroPop Records; available NOW on iTunes &


Spontaneous dancing and drinking are encouraged and expected.”



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