January 31 is National Gorilla Suit Day! Let’s honor MAD cartoonist Don Martin’s memory : MOVIE MIKE PRESENTS THE GORILLA SUIT FILM FESTIVAL

Thu 31 Jan 2013 - 8: pm

Brooklyn, NY


NABONGA (1944)

Here’s a rousing jungle adventure with Buster Crabbe in search of a lost treasure, lovely young Julie London as the mysterious White Witch, and Crash Corrigan in a gorilla suit as her guardian protector.  Buster defies the racist conventions of the period to rescue a native from murder, and is rewarded with vital info.  But he’s up against bad guy Barton MacLaine and bad girl Fifi D’Orsay, who are following him through the soundstage foliage with larcenous intent.  What’s a gorilla to do?  Watch this pulp-fiction B-movie and find out!

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