SHITBIRDS / Sam Friend & The Freckles / Chris Buckridge and the Last Friend: + the Rosewood Girl @ 8pm & Bob Jones and the Golden Tones @ 12am

Fri 8 Feb 2013 - 9: pm

Brooklyn, NY

8pm the Rosewood Girl: From Greenpoint, Brooklyn – based around singer/songwriter Susan Margolis.

Sam Friend & The Freckles Photo.

9pm Sam Friend & The Freckles: After touring fervently and recently moving to Brooklyn, Miami born Sam Friend is playing regularly and recording his third effort, Spirit Mirrir, taking on the notion of duality and reflecting the singer-songwriter’s peripatetic nature. Performing live, Sam’s unique squint coruscates through the prism of his post-folk troupe, Sam Friend & The Freckles.

The Shitbirds play original acoustic rock ‘n’ roll inspired by a wide range of influences from ’70s Glam to ’20s Gypsy music. With Darren Musatto (Muffalo, Joanna Erdos and the Midnight Show) on acoustic guitar and vocals and Ashley Owl (The Owl Motel, The Saltines) on bass.

11pm Chris Buckridge and the Last Friend: Dreamy lo-fi psychedelic rock that plays like a zen koan at 120 db.

12am Bob Jones and the Golden Tones:

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