Wed 13 Feb 2013 - 8: pm

Brooklyn, NY

8pm Show-and-Tell, hosted by Paul Lukas, is exactly what it sounds like: Everyone is invited to bring an object of personal significance and talk about it for up to three minutes. Objects that have previously been showcased have ranged from the ordinary (a ticket stub, a quarter) to the eccentric (an electro-shock machine found in an abandoned mental hospital, a container of fingernail clippings).
But Show-and-Tell isn’t really about the objects; it’s about the stories. Look in your pocket or bag — there’s probably good Show-and-Tell fodder in there right now, whether you realize it or not.
You can either bring an object and be prepared to talk about it, or just be part of the audience (because you can’t have Show-and-Tell without people to be shown and told). Either way, it’s a good time.

10pm DAMIAN F. QUINONES: Canceled-Try Again in March

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