LUKKA: (from Germany) / Gift of Tongues / Big Charlie’s Rubber Band / Lowlark / Isabella Marriott: + More TBA

Sat 25 May 2013 - 8: pm

Brooklyn, NY

12am Gift of Tongues: An electro-percussive band that mixes dance beats and folk sounds to explore stories of the dark underbelly of Americana.

Gift of Tounges






11pm LUKKA: German singer/song writer. Indie Euro-Pop -60′s/70′.



Toured the world in 2012

10pm Big Charlie’s Rubber Band:

Big Charlie’s Rubber Band

An original fusion of pop/folk/experimental, Big Charlie’s Rubber Band is unlike anything you’ve heard before, yet their  songs evoke a tantalizing familiarity that will draw you in. Rich guitar and piano layers with textured grooves on the drums, and above it all soars powerful three part harmonies.

9pm  Lowlark:Americana, no-frills, music-for-the-people, country rock band from Brooklyn.
It ain’t no song unless it’s about women, whiskey, or woe.


8pm Isabella Marriott: Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter, draws her inspiration from performers like Fiona Apple, Tori Amos and Joni Mitchell. “Her voice is dynamic and versatile – capable of cute lilts and deeper, soulful notes… and really elevate her piano melodies.”- Lydia Warren.

Isabella Marriott

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