BLOOMSDAY PARTY: The Highland Shatners / Lucy Foley / Plastic Beast / Bop Monroe & POCKET MONSTER / ScriptBreaker / Cancion Franklin

Sat 16 Jun 2012 - 8: pm

Brooklyn, NY

8pm Plastic Beast:
9pm The Highland Shatners: Celtic Folk meets 60s Paisley Pop.
10pm Lucy Foley: Irish born artist who’s first album on a pump organ and guitar was written in Copenhagen & recorded in Brooklyn, Played by BBC Radio & performed live on Irene Trudel’s  WFMU show. Roger Ebert described Lucy as “wonderful.” these songs and new ones are a whirlwind of wurlitzers, guitars, deep bass, synths, pots and pans. She performs with great energy and charisma. “A confident, dynamic and often dramatic singer”-New York Music Daily.

11pm ScriptBreaker: Media performance band co-opting familiar visual & auditory phenomenon while laying luscious bass licks & electronic beats, ScriptBreaker brings a sound and picture show that bends everything from classic horror movies to sexist cereal commercials.

11:30 Cancion Franklin: There songs make you either want to drive
way too fast with a bottle of jack & a cigarette or just lie down and die happy.… Raw voice, driving beats, and poignant lyrics, real blues & the hard-edge of rock.

12:30am AstroPop Recording artists BOP MONROE & POCKET MONSTER bring their high-power, original and damned-funny Rock n’ Roll songs to Freddy’s Backroom once again. Celebrating their 10th year together, brothers Bop Monroe & Gene Poole along with Mssrs. Miles O’Aisles & Roy G Biv will make you very happy and entertained with great songs like ‘Puppies On Drugs’, ‘Trenchcoat Mafia’, ‘Plane, What Plane?’ and many others. Their latest CD ‘Oh Great Tiger Spider’ is currently available on itunes, Amazon, etc but you can score a free copy if you ask them politely at the end of the night.

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