Cashank FrontRoom Hootenanny

Cashank FrontRoom Hootenanny

Thu Jun 1 @
8:00 pm - 10:30 pm

“Highfalutin country…a convivial blur of expert fiddlers, plucky pluckers, & amateur crooners …”~NY Mag. Critic’s Pick.

“an acoustic classic country jam”~ Village Voice. Best Of.

“Johnny Cash and Hank Williams are the stars of the playlist. A stringent four-chord rule holds sway so joining the session can be as simple as singing/playing from your seat, or if you’re a more seasoned instrumentalist, jumping onstage behind host Alex Battle. It all adds up to a convivial blur of expert fiddlers, plucky pluckers, and amateur crooners reprising “Ring of Fire” or “On the Road Again.” Should you feel compelled to request something other than Cash or Hank, please stick to old standbys like “You Are My Sunshine” lest you be run outta town.~Critic’s Pick. NY Mag

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