Granny’s Blue-Mers

Granny's Blue-Mers

Sat Feb 18 @
10:30 pm

Singer Rev. Mary and her Blue Crew unveil a steamy array of vintage bawdy blues
paying homage to performers like Mae West, Sophie Tucker, Bessie Smith,
Rosa Henderson, Ruth Brown, Stella Johnson … and Barrel House Annie, to name a few.
You’ll be amazed at all the hidden meanings “grease my griddle,” “hot dog roll,” “mighty tight,” “arriving in low,” and “put some sugar in my bowl,” can have.

Censorship, especially in entertainment, was at its highest… even in private clubs.
Blues singers had to seduce their audiences with clever lyrics, double entendres,
and lots of food references to get around strict decency laws.
You’d think that they’d be tame by modern comparison… or are they?