Home Brew Opera

Home Brew Opera

Thu May 11 @
9:00 pm - 11:30 pm

The premiere dive bar opera company of New York.

“raucous and sublime…un-elitist, imperfect, and fun” – NY Sun

“irreverent, laid-back and glorious” – NPR, All Things Considered.

Home Brew is a new music vocal collective founded by members of the New York City chapter of Opera on Tap.  Started in 2005 at Freddy’s Bar Opera on Tap has since established chapters all over America. Performers let their hair down, wear jeans, drink beer and try out new repertoire FOR AN AUDIENCE!

National Public Radio on Freddy’s & Opera Night, “the local watering hole for murderers and tyrants, adulterers and virgins, Don Juans and divas.” 

Viking helmets suggested but not required for admission. http://www.operaontap.org/newyork/

followed by LIVEBAND KARAOKE featuring the Dirty Sexy Ensemble!

The 2nd Thursday every OTHER Month @ Freddy’s.