Home Brew Opera

Home Brew Opera

Thu May 11 @
9:00 pm

Straight from the tap, Freddy’s Bar and the Divas of Opera on Tap bring you the Home Brewed Opera series: funny, engaging, immersive operatic concerts in a casual setting. Raise a glass with the premiere dive-bar opera company of New York and beyond!


“raucous and sublime…un-elitist, imperfect, and fun” – NY Sun
“irreverent, laid-back and glorious” – NPR, All Things Considered.

National Public Radio on Freddy’s & Opera Night, “the local watering hole for murderers and tyrants, adulterers and virgins, Don Juans and divas.” 

Viking helmets suggested but not required for admission. http://www.operaontap.org/newyork/

The 2nd Thursday every OTHER Month @ Freddy’s.