Humans Against Music Karaoke

Humans Against Music Karaoke

Wed May 17 @
9:00 pm - 11:30 pm

For the ultimate in low-tech, high-energy bar entertainment, come to Freddy’s Bar & Backroom on the third Wednesday of each month for our Humans Against Music karaoke spectacular.H.A.M. karaoke is your chance to dredge up your favorite A.M. memories and more — and win shockingly mediocre prizes. No teleprompter at this one — the lyrics are on paper, and your cue is Mr. Tokyo Rosenberg, giving you meaningful gazes and occasional sign language accompaniment.

Occasional grand prize: Krakus Canned Ham — three pounds of porcine glory packed in a protective aspic layer!
Our song selection exceeds 1,000 voiceless tracks, and we add more each month. Ask for a copy of our song catalog. Requests for songs we don’t already have are welcome anytime. New songs will be added to our catalog in the month after the request is received.

Your lo-fi vixen of voiceless music and your ethnic sidekick technician, H-Bomb and Tokyo Rosenberg!

Third Wednesday of each month

9 p.m. to midnight


“Destroying music one song at a time is not our goal — it’s only coincidental.”