Obsolete Cinema presents Last Comic Standing

Obsolete Cinema presents Last Comic Standing

Sun May 21 @
4:00 pm

Hollywood is on a never-ending Vision Quest to leave no old idea unturned, especially in the spandex superhero genre — even Aquaman! This month, we take a fresh look at two of the most unique newsprint to screen adaptations.

First up, it’s the most notorious comic-to-screen adaptation of all — and George Lucas’ best-ever decision – Howard The Duck (1986). Beginning life as a satirical, underground-influenced Marvel comic series created by Steve Gerber in the ‘70s, this wise-cracking, cigar-chewing duck-like alien finds himself trapped in a world he never made — Cleveland! In pre-CGI-land, he’s portrayed by a small person in a suit with mechanical features. Lea Thompson is his “punk” girlfriend, Jeffrey Jones chases them around, and Tim Robbins acts crazy. Watch it!

Then it’s Tank Girl (1995) the (other) desert-dystopian hero, based on the British comic by Jamie Hewlett and Alan Martin, featuring a Courtney Love soundtrack. With her kangaroo boyfriend Booga (Ice T) and Jet Girl (Naomi Watts), Tank Girl (Lori Petty) roams a drought-stricken landscape getting harassed by super-cyber “rippers” working for  corporate mega-baddie Malcolm McDowell. Can she turn the tables on the Man?

Collect your near-mint copies and come on down to Freddy’s Backroom for trivia, cheap drinks & grub, and an VHS afternoon to remember!

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