South Hope, MJ12 and Uhnellys (special guest from Japan)

South Hope, MJ12 and Uhnellys (special guest from Japan)

Fri Apr 28 @
8:30 pm

South Hope plays soulful roots rock and melodic power pop. We sing about difficult loves, lonely journey men, prophesy and Sundays at Dante’s. We make music using electric and acoustic guitars, bass, drums, and vocal harmonies.

9:30 MJ12 crafts flights of improv fantasy off the beats of drummer Steve Moses (Alice Donut,Um) and melodies of veteran English bass master Percy Jones.

10:30 Uhnellys are a two-piece indie band from Tokyo. Kim (vocal, bass, guitar and trumpet) and Midi (drums and vocals) smash rock, hip-hop, and jazz together to create something fresh. They perform a special night in advance of their headlining spot at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden’s Cherry Blossom Festival.