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Bar Video
Donald O’Finn, Freddy’s co-owner and aesthetic guru screens his acclaimed re-purposed cult videos on various monitors inside the bar as well as an exterior wall projection. O’Finn’s work is the product of re-purposing & re-contextualizing appropriated found footage media samples into what he calls “the Dreams of a Sentient Television.”
Donald O’Finn’s feverishly edited encyclopedically strange video collages…” 
Village Voice –  Best of
The most tripped out and intelligent re-cuts of movie clips, commercials and various other resources you can

Beyond Freddy’s Donald is an artist with a Masters degree from the San Francisco Art Institute, and has been creating impressive video collages of old TV and movie clips since the early ’80’s” – South Slope News.


“…the 25-foot-wide flickering image…video art installation outside Freddy’s Bar is beckoning drinkers to the South Slope”- DNA info.