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We offer 45 min slots. Inquiries about anything other can be made in the Request section below. Weekend 10pm slots (Prime Time) are reserved for acts that can pull in a solid 20 to 40 customers.9 & 10pm have a 15 to 30 expectation. Most OFF NIGHTS are reserved for quieter performances and have lower expectations. A gig requested far in advance has a high attendance expectation. Last minute fill-in have a lower expectation. Your estimated numbers for attendance must NOT include Band Members, Roadies, Significant Others, or Family.

Before selecting a desired date and slot, YOU MUST CONSULT The 'AVAILABILITY SCHEDULE' Calendar below. Always Check any existing event details & time conflicts. Double Check that your desired time slot is not consumed by an earlier event that same evening.


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MANDATORY: You can select 2 by holding down Command or CTRL while you're selecting. No Hardcore, Hip Hop, Metal, Rap, Screamo, Thrash.

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*We are 21 and over only. We do NOT PAY. Performers are not compensated & we generally never charge at the door. Drink minimums are a house option. Passing the hat is encouraged & selling merchandise is allowed. Backroom performance space capacity is approximately 40 people. Do not expect to pull an audience from the separate & sound proofed Front-Room Bar, it rarely happens. Do NOT expect to pull pedestrians in off the street, this is NY, and that rarely happens.*

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