S. Adam was born in New York.  She received an M.F.A. from the University of Cincinnati.  She has had numerous solo and group shows, notably at the American Academy of Art and Letters, the Albright-Knox Museum, the Aldrich Museum, the Bruce Museum, the Stamford Museum, the Mattatuck Museum, and the Neuberger Museum.  Her work is found in both public and corporate collections including Exxon-Mobil, Houbigant Perfume, the Aldrich Museum, and the Cincinnati Art Museum.

Artist’s Statement: “Color is the essential element in my work. The always square paintings are acrylic on canvas, combining spontaneous dry-brush techniques with flat, hard-edged shapes. Many of the objects which animate the edges are from my surroundings.  They may include tracings of historical or familial items such as antique tools, keys, scissors, or shears. The tension built between the restful center and the active borders creates work that is bold, simple, and direct.”-  S. Adam

Exhibition will be on view from 1pm til 7pm Mon through Sun, & runs May 24th to June 15th.



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