Jessica Ellis / Tom Sanford / Ashli Sisk

Show runs threw Nov 28th, & can be seen daily from 12 noon until 6pm approx.

ASHLI SISK California native Ashli currently  lives and works in New York City. She Teaches Art and Design and Cultural Anthropology courses at Molloy College.She is a contributing writer for  Art/File Magazine. Ashli has exhibited in San Francisco, Los Angeles, London, New York and New Jersey. Ashli sucessfully funded a kickstarter to allow her to travel to Sumatra Indonesia and is producing an artbook and coloring book along side a body of work which will be released in September.She is participating in Wildlife of The Highlands, a touring exhibition throughout 2015.

TOM SANFORD Tom Sanford is a Harlem-based artist whose work is exhibited extensively in museums and galleries around the world. His paintings, which might be considered a sort of lowbrow conceptual art, reflect a deep ambivalence about the American cultural condition. His subjects are numerous and vary widely, ranging from history paintings depicting celebrity assassinations, to icon paintings of gangsta rappers,  to elaborate cosmologies weaved together from Hollywood movies, to contemporary genre paintings of bars and subways cars.

Sanford’s exhibitions include solo shows at Gallery Poulsen (Copenhagen), Kravets Wehby Gallery (NYC), Galleri S.E (Bergen), Leo Koenig Inc. (NYC), Galleri Faurschou (Copenhagen), BravinLee Programs (NYC), Gallery ZIdane (Luxembourg) and others as well as numerous group exhibitions and projects in commercial galleries and museums around the world.

JESSICA ELLIS Jessica Ellis’ work is based off of social commentary, parody and satire specifically concerning American twenty-something white women. As an American twenty-something white woman herself, she applies the lens of a feminist and a young artist to contemporary issues in and outside of the art world, Issues such as sororities, ornamentation of the female body as well as art historical parody involving young women in western art. Rather than categorize her work as “feminist”, Jessica focuses on using feminism as a topic rather than a theme in order to have the freedom of speaking within a sole perspective.



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