Sat Feb 27 @
Send In The Clowns” represents an assorted cast of characters that artist Daniel Genova has created over the last 35 years,. For me “clowns are comfort art” . Whenever I come to a roadblock in my “serious art” I do a clown and it lightens things up and helps to free my thinking. I think growing up as a child and watching my mother paint clowns also has something to do with it. By coincidence it is an election year which will make this theme timely and appropriate. I have hand picked 2 bands “Milf & Dilf” & “Modern Airline” to be part of the opening because or their humorous and witty approaches to rock ‘n’ roll. It promises to be a very special evening at Freddie’s which has a long tradition of supporting various artists and of all types… So with out further adieu, send in the clowns!

Bands All Night to follow-  The show will Have a closing party April 1. The work will be best visible 7 days a week from 1pm til 6pm.

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