The Art Reception will be Held in conjunction with the opening of ArtSlope from 7pm til 9pm on Sat Sept 17th at Freddy’s

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 Nancy Drew: series/1

Nancy Drew is a veteran of the NY art scene, best known for her highly-regarded Artists Series, ‘cover versions’ of abstract expressionist masterworks, as well as for her Porn Series, both using her signature materials of flock and glitter. Drew’s work has been featured in solo and group exhibitions both locally and internationally, including the Brooklyn Museum of Art, NYC; the Chelsea Museum of Art, NYC; Artists Space, NYC; Elizabeth Foundation, NYC; Exit Art, NYC; Roebling Hall, NYC; White Box, NYC; Real Art Ways, Hartford CT; Albright College, Reading, PA; Nimes Museum of Contemporary Art, Nimes, France; Istanbul Museum of Contemporary Art, Turkey; and the Kyrgyz Nat’l Fine Arts Museum. She has been reviewed by the NY Times, The Village Voice, The Brooklyn Rail, Time Out Magazine, The Partisan Review and Vellum Magazine. Nancy Drew lives and works in Brooklyn, NY.

Most of the paintings are made with flock and glitter on canvas. Flock is that soft, fuzzy stuff you find on certain wallpapers and the lining of jewelry boxes. Tiny fibers of colored flock are applied to an adhesive surface electro-statically, creating a velvety and tactile brush finish. A variety of glitter is used in the paintings, ranging in size from fine powders to super-chunky octagonal pieces.


Donald O’Finn:

” Since 1980 I have re-purposed, re-contextualized, effected, and weaved appropriated media samples into the dreams a television might have. I am trained as a painter, with an MFA from the San Francisco Art Institute, and always have approached these constructions exactly like I would a painting, letting the process, and the material determine any final content. The work represents television both as a medium, message, and as a device of conscious and subconscious cultural significance. I consider my product much closer to poetry or painting, than to film or TV.” ~ Donald O’Finn.

“When the viewer Experiences his “Repurposed Video” work, he finds himself lurking in the American subconscious, guided by O’Finn’s deft editing and sense of humor. Without the guide, we could easily get lost in that black and white world of almost forgotten images, sounds, perspectives.

It is also worth noting that Mr. O’Finn is the proprietor of Freddys Bar, in Brooklyn, NY. Freddys was listed by Esquire as one of the best bars in America and Mr. O’Finn himself was rated one of the 10 Best Bartenders in NYC by MetroMix Mag. His videos pulsate wildly on screens placed around the bar while clients clutch their drinks in an orchestrated chaos that, in my mind’s eye, looks a lot like the work itself. It looks a lot like small patches of the American subconscious.”~Leo Kuelbs (

ArtSlope, Donald O’Finn and Freddy’s proudly present a night of Video Screenings on Sun 9/18



 Kimberly Herder:

Kim has a B.A. in Studio Art and Business from Franklin & Marshall College in Lancaster, PA.  She has exhibited in a number of shows in both New York and Pennsylvania. She currently resides in New York City.

Artist Statement

I enjoy the process of physically creating art as an expression of my curiosity.  My artwork reflects investigations of commonplace objects and everyday life.  I consider the textural components of surfaces through the use of layers and a combination of traditional and non-traditional materials. I focus on the development of each piece, creating a foundation and building upon the layers.  Examining the interior elements of forms enables me to portray each shape and line with purpose.  I constantly seek ways to fulfill my vision of creating different perspectives for the viewer.  My works produce a strong relationship between my personal thoughts and future motivations as I continue to examine how to assemble and dismantle these concepts.

The show will run from Sept 4th to – Oct 15th, and is viewable from noon til 6pm (also on display during all events held during the hours of  12 noon til 4am) 7 days a week.





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