Freddy’s proudly presents the Early Art Work of JEAN-DANIEL SALVAT: {Reverse paintings}

JEAN DANIEL SALVAT; “#442” Early Work 1. 24 inches x 20 inches Acrylic on reverse vinyl.
Freddy's bar JEAN DANIEL SALVAT Early Work 3.
JEAN DANIEL SALVAT “#448” Early Work 3. 24 inches x 20 inches. Acrylic on reverse vinyl.

JEAN-DANIEL SALVAT is a French Artist living in the South of France. He painted in Brooklyn N.Y. at the turn of the century.

EARLY WORK: “I paint on the reverse side of a transparent vinyl, then mounted on stretchers. Any tactile sign is, this way, erased from the work. No pictoral matter remains, just a smooth and shiny surface. I give the painting an ambiguous identity by intending it to work just as a facsimile of itself.

I deliberately focus on the production system of a painting, on the way it is perceived as an object. Nevertheless, without being reduced to a process, through different series, I want the work allowed to change indefinitely and open itself to any potentiality.”

New York, 1995

Freddy's Art Gallery
JEAN DANIEL SALVAT “Untitled” Early Work 2. Acrylic on reverse vinyl.

All work 2002: Acrylic modified on vinyl, 24″ x 20″ From the collection of Nancy Drew.

Art on Display daily noon til 6pm.

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