Carla Shapiro “9/11 Prayer Flags”

 N.Y. Artist Carla Shapiro will display her photography as well as a new video. She hand copied from the New York Times, 2500 obituaries of people who died in the World Trade Center . Each obituary was written in black ink on white vellum, a stiff translucent paper that she hung outside. Over time the written words washed away and the papers became blank. The empty papers represented “prayer flags” which originated in Tibet , and are visual memories of prayer. Over the course of one year, I photographed these obituaries–in early light, in darkness, in the rain, as the leaves fell, and as it snowed. They were photographed when it was hot and when it was cold, as they moved and as they froze. They were photographed with the rebirth of spring.”For twelve months the obituary-prayer flags hung in lines across the stream in my backyard in Chichester , New York . In each season they moved in the breeze, generating song through their movement, and creating patterns of light and dark. Each day I saw a new story, as every sheet of vellum told a different story, as every sheet of vellum washed away and became free of its story and became the pure whiteness I waited for–my way of honoring those who had died on 9/11.”




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Nancy Drew “Bang A Gong” Exhibition

Freddy’s Bar is extremely proud to announce the launch of its artspace The Silver Room with an exhibition of paintings by Brooklyn-based artist Nancy Drew, entitled Bang A Gong.

A group of paintings from both her “Artists Series” and “Porn Series” will be included in this mini-retrospective.  Spanning the last ten years of Nancy Drew’s production, each year is represented by a single painting.  Painted in her signature materials of flock and glitter, imagery culled from 20th Century Ab-Ex masterpieces and contemporary video porn boxes is feminized and beautified beyond easy recognition, into levels of high camp and cultural relevance.  The resulting artistic transpositions can’t help but turn the aims of their sources on their ear.  Rendered in plush flocking and sparkly glitter, the original meanings have been entirely recast and transformed in Drew’s works, with equal doses of humor and reverence. Ms. Drew is a veteran of the NY art scene, as well as a few controversies concerning her highly-regarded ‘cover versions’ of abstract expressionist masterworks. Drew’s artwork has been featured in solo and group exhibitions at many venues both locally and internationally, including the Brooklyn Museum, the Chelsea Museum of Art, Artists Space, Exit Art, Roebling Hall, White Box, NYC; as well as Real Art Ways, Hartford CT; Albright College, Reading, PA; and the Kyrgyzstan National Fine Arts Museum, Kyrgyzstan Republic.

“Painted in her trademark glitter and flocking on canvas, Nancy Drew’s painting embrace and amp up the notion of ‘retinal art’ by making it vibrate with familiar if unexpected associations. Stand-outs.” — Village Voice

“Nancy Drew pushes past territories of appropriation and reverence, and transforms the referenced works into magnetic paintings that are very much her own.” — Christian Viveros-Faune

“Nancy Drew caused quite a stir with two NYC solo shows featuring re-creations of Ab-Ex masterpieces bursting with intriguing tactile surfaces and layered with sparkly girl power… This balsy attitude is one reason Drew’s work is so compelling. She lures you in with sugary sweet ingredients, then uses them to pack a punch.“ — Bust Magazine

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Steve Pauley Exhibition

Steve Pauley solo show at Freddy's

April 2nd thru March 28th 2011: Steve Pauley has had Solo exhibitions in New York, Maryland and West Virginia. His work has also been on view at the Carroll Mansion Museum in Baltimore, MD, The West Virginia Cultural Center, The Sunrise Museum, and The Museum in the Community in West Virginia. Holland Cotter of the NY Times calls Steve Pauley’s work
both “striking” and “unorthodox.”




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