Borders: Sherry Davis Art Exhibition: Show runs from 3/6/22 – 5/4/22/

Connections between lines and gradations are explored in paintings.  My new Flowers series was inspired by sketches of plants, and is created from memory, instinct, and imagination. My Brooklyn Scenes also began with sketches and observation, and are rooted in experience. In Canarsie, where I grew up, there were dirt roads. At one end of the neighborhood loomed the Bayview houses, a giant empty lot, the pier, […]

Brendan Connolly~ Paintings

Freddy’s Bar & Backroom is very proud to present the work of Brendon Connolly. “I don’t paint out of some incessant true wind pushing me. I have nothing to say with my colors or shapes. I paint because I’ve stared at too many screens in my life and would rather ruin perfectly good canvas while […]

Dim Lights Thick Smoke: Ron Boorstein — Works on Paper.

Ron Boorstein is a painter based in Brooklyn. For the past four years, Ron Boorstein has been painting acrylic on paper, with the use of rollers and handmade stencils made of neoprene. The technique combines painting and monoprinting strategies. Boorstein explains “I simply wasn’t satisfied with traditional tools, like a brush because it felt too […]