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INTRODUCTION to the Backroom

Freddy's is a casual neighborhood bar with a national reputation and a modest Backroom performance space. Freddy’s was originally founded as a speakeasy during Prohibition, & more recently called the “perfect bar” by The New York Times. We have a 25 year history of hosting Brooklyn events in our modest multi-use Backroom. However, the Backroom has NO BUILT-IN AUDIENCE and is SEPARATE from the Bar, relatively private & mostly SOUND PROOFED.


We are 21 and over only!! Our Backroom Capacity is 45, and there is plenty of additional overflow space in the Front-room. However Performances are neither visible nor audible from the Front-room. Our performance stage is not raised & can fit 4 musicians (5 is doable but cramped). We do not pay, & do not charge a cover. Passing the hat is fine & so is selling merchandise.

  • We are primarily a bar, and secondarily a venue.
  • We have a Frontroom Bar and a separate Backroom event space.
  • Our multi-use Backroom is modest and soundproofed. Capacity is 45.
  • Our regular customers come for the bar scene, the drinks & the vibe, not the Backroom.
  • We are strictly 21 and over only.
  • Pass the Hat.
  • Off Nights, if you can find one available are reserved for CHILL events.
  • Weekend slots are 8:00, 9:00, 10:00 & 11:00 on Fri & Sat. The 8pm slot,or any optional earlier slots are NOT for Loud bands.
  • Prime Time slots are generally reserved for events that can fill the room. Last minute exceptions can be made.
  • We do not generally do cover charges.
  • Drink minimums are a house option. If you do charge or demand 'suggested donations' a Drink Minimum will be asked for.
  • We do NOT provide any “built-in” Backroom audience.
  • You should have an independent autonomous pull or you may perform to an empty room.
  • Performances are not visible nor audible from the Frontroom.
  • The Frontroom is large and provides overflow space.
  • If you expect or need big amplification then you are looking at the wrong venue. No big Amps! This is a small room!
  • Loud Bands require a full room to justify volume and absorb sound.

The Backroom is a small, multi-use space with concert-hall sound. If you approach the Backroom carefully, it will treat you well. If you are too Loud for the space or the audience size you will be asked to Turn down, or Turn OFF.

What you'll need for the Submission Form!

In our "Booking Submission" process, you'll need to Provide Web Ready words and images that will be used on your "Freddy's Bar Calendar Event Page" if your submission is accepted. Your submission Information & uploaded details will become your Event Web page. If you want your Event page to have particular words & a particular Image- we NEED those words & that Image provided to us Now in this submission process. There will be no options for corrections after booking is completed. Provide ONLY web ready, text and details that you are comfortable with.

You'll need words describing your intended Event, Band or Performance. You’ll have the option of providing pertinent details, reviews, and applicable links.

You'll be asked to upload an IMAGE. Any image we use must be Web-Optimized. (You'll be provided a Link to Optimize any image before you upload it.)

You'll additionally need to provide working links to Audio & Video samples (No Subscriber services) please. Have this all ready before you proceed.

Freddy’s does not have the resources to amend the details of events once booked. So choose carefully, there may be no options for later corrections!

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