Borders: Sherry Davis Art Exhibition: Show runs from 3/6/22 – 5/4/22/

Connections between lines and gradations are explored in paintings.  My new Flowers series was inspired by sketches of plants, and is created from memory, instinct, and imagination. My Brooklyn Scenes also began with sketches and observation, and are rooted in experience. In Canarsie, where I grew up, there were dirt roads. At one end of the neighborhood loomed the Bayview houses, a giant empty lot, the pier, the Belt Parkway, the center of Jamaica Bay. At the opposite end, there were factories with giant colored windows. They looked massive and permanent, but they’re gone now. Modern monoliths are disposable. Now based in Kensington, I’m a flâneuse, walking through the porous borders of Brooklyn neighborhoods, observing the line between what’s here now and what came before.
The Art Reception for Sherry is 04/16/2022 @ 5pm til 7pm
Exhibition runs from 3/6/22 – 5/4/22/
Best viewing Hours 7 days a week. 12 noon until 6pm.

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