26jun3:00 pmSunday7:00 pmOC Presents ‘The Tao of Steve’ 3pm. ALL OF ME (1984) / THE MAN w/TWO BRAINS (1983)3:00 pm - 7:00 pm


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This month, we’re ‘wild & crazy guys’ as we bring you two yukky VHS romps from the unbeatable comedy team of Carl Reiner and Steve Martin. One’s a body-switch deal, the other a brain-switcheroo. See what we did there? Good.

First up – say it along with us – ‘Edwina – back in bowl!’ It’s the memorable body-switch sorta rom-com ‘All of Me.’ Some might call it the first ‘smoothening of Steve’ before later Hollywood monstrosities, but it’s still pretty good. When crotchety millionaire Edwina Cutwater (Tomlin) learns she’s dying, she enlists a guru to transfer her soul to a younger blonde woman (Victoria Tennant). But the plan goes hilariously awry, and she winds up inhabiting one half of lawyer Roger Cobb (Martin). Can he straighten out the situation and find love along the way? Of course.

Then we get weird again with good old Steve in the crazy-go-nuts ‘Man With Two Brains.’ Here Martin is pioneering neurosurgeon Dr. (say it with us again) Hfuhruhurr! Saddled with a cruel, adulterous, scheming wife (Kathleen Turner), he plots with another scientist (David Warner’s Dr. Necessiter) to replace her brain with a nicer one that he’s been wooing in a jar. Can he get away with it? There’s also the matter of ‘The Elevator Killer’ leaving female corpses around. And you won’t believe who plays him (‘We’ll be right back.’)

So this month, put on your ‘cruel shoes’ and come on down to Freddy’s Back Room for some trivia, beers & laffs with the rest of us poor saps. Steve would want it that way!

So as we again convene in Freddy’s back-room for drinks, trivia and VHS comradery, let us not think of what might have been, but what is, and what shall ever be! Join us, won’t you – the proud, the stalwart – the Obsolete! (& screw the Oscars.)

The movies you think you remember on a format you can’t forget.

We screen recycled, reused and reduced movies, and TV on VHS and other outdated media. Plus beer.

Free double features Here every month.




(Sunday) 3:00 pm - 7:00 pm

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