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Hope you are all doing well ensconced at home. If you have a few spare moments, here are some bar haikus. Please add yours to the scroll list by sending it to <freddys@freddysbar.com>It is a 5, 7, 5 syllable countPlease share this with any one that might be interested. Be sure you have your name included (see below examples)  We will post Here at Freddy’s website & elsewhere, eventually taking a vote from all participants. The winner gets a drinking prize (or a Drunk Prize-as we like to call it) when Freddy’s re-opens!

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Freddy’s Bar in Park Slope is holding an online haiku contest while it’s shut down during the coronavirus pandemic.

Here are our contributors so far!

Corona bottle
glows in a dark bar, last call!
Corona virus
   —Nancy Drew

A lime in the neck
Stuck in time, rotted and brown
Slides slow down fallen.
    —Donald O’Finn

I messed with the frogs
Even though I knew better
Couldn’t help myself
     —Albino Wino

All of the sad men
Bending their heads like horses
We drink together
—Lee Taylor

Cocktails, tater tots
Addictive films, backroom blues
Not the same at home
     —Nate K

Someone said to me
“I’ve never been to Freddy’s”
I’m calling bullshit
—Teeyum Skawtt

And the virus came,
and they closed all of the bars.
Freddy’s we miss you.
     —Randi Boxer

Music soothes the soul

Local people play their tunes
Back room on pause now.
 —Linda M

Donald, did you know?
So many masks on the wall
portended a fall.
—Heather McCabe

Covid dried Freddy’s.
Wait till spirits flow again.
Drink at home for now.
—Paul Freeman

Closed for pandemic,
A Park Slope bar stays busy,
Throws haiku contest.
—Park Slope Patch

Die by live music
Pro-choice: death by scotch, not Trump
Freddy’s, let me choose.
—Seth “ABV = 0” Goldfarb

Furu bā ya
garasu no mukō
shiro kaeru
—Philip Schnell

(Translation of Above)
The old bar
on the other side of the glass—
a white frog
—Philip Schnell

Dear Albino Frog,
I miss our weekly meetups.
Don’t move . . . I’ll be back.
—Lady Foof

Near albino frogs
Fractured colored lanterns hang
Guiding us to grog.
—Heather McCabe

Ellen, Tracey, Mike
Angela, Gina, Raul
Dave, Zane, Gustavo

I see five people
In the space of one person
I drink two more rounds
—Lee Taylor

Freddy’s has been there
For the good times and the bad
Hard not to be there.
—Nate K

Gin’s my drink of choice
Don’t know where the fizz has gone
Rainy day thought dreams
—Joyce Hanson

The stench of Clorox®
Wafts and settles in the air.
Smells like mean spirits.
—Laurel Lindahl

Freddy’s has shuttered.
The apocalypse is nigh.
We all drink alone.
—Laurel Lindahl

Player piano
Serenades a spotted cat
Lapping a milk bowl
—Steve Pauley

Bar stools, tables, chairs.
Oh, so many surfaces!
Thanks, Clorox® Wet Wipes!
—Laurel Lindahl

slow slosh of whiskey
solace interrupted when
toothless dude makes pass
—Liz Shura

Two glasses, clinking
The echoes fill the dead space
Where we used to live.
—Laurel Lindahl

I’ll have a drink — no
I’ll have one more. And one more.
…Maybe just one more.
—Heather McCabe

tomorrow like today
today just like yesterday
each day Groundhog Day
—Virpi Kanervo

The hum of crowd and
clinking, drinking, the low glance
waits, now left unmet.
—Margot Spindelman

Crowded bars I drunk alone.
Six to every bed
We together, isolate
—99 Hooker

Spring is in the air
But we are all stuck inside
Drinking beer alone
—Nate K

Alcohol does not
Cure this horrible disease
I try anyway
    —Lee Taylor

Freddy’s has shuttered.
Empty bottles line the bar.
Who gave him the key?
—Laurel Lindahl

If two bottles clink
And no one is there to hear
Do they make a sound?
 —Laurel Lindahl

Freddy’s has missed you!
Belly up! The drinks are free!
LOL. We joke.
—Laurel Lindahl

Freddy’s Bar and Backroom Grill
still, the further still.
Prohibition, New, Improved.
—99 Hooker

Freddy’s, oh Freddy’s!
I’ve missed your sweet tater tots.
And also the booze.
—Laurel Lindahl

Babar goes with me
To the bar to enjoy fun
Delicious delight
—Joy Walker

Wordless purrball sage
tic to tic toc, folded paw,
Now is all there is.
—Nancy Drew & Donald O’Finn

Self isolation
Is a long, dark happy hour
How long can it last?
—Nate K

Over and over
I’ve wished I had more stickers
For bathroom decor.
—Heather McCabe

Eminent domain
Covid 19 pandemic
Just another day
—Anders Heidel

I claw and I tug,
The door is sealed against me.
Must. Have. Tater tots!
—Betsy L

Filmstrips still flicker,
Ghosts haunting empty stages.
They know…we’ll be back.
—Betsy L

Flowers, birds and wind!
So lovely, yet can’t be touched
Wouldn’t they like that?
—Megan McGibney

I just need one glass
To see you all once again
My loneliness aches
— Megan McGibney


Can’t reach out to you
Can’t feel or delight in you
Just a screen to touch
—Megan McGibney

I will see you again
When our beers will be on tap
And we’ll wink and laugh
—Megan McGibney

No one to talk to
Just a voice and image to hold
That’s not you at all
—Megan McGibney

I hate the inside.
Drink supply is running low.
God I miss Freddy’s.
—Sam Levitz

Beer, grub and fun shows
See you on the other side
Freddy’s will survive
—Felicia S.

Warm pfft ‘gainst my thigh
As I spoon my sleeping wife
Must really love her
—Dave McGillan

Ellen, Tracey, Mike
Angela, Gina, Raul
Dave, Zane, Gustavo

Closing of this bar
Ruined my stupid routine
Of drinking all night.

Miss my family.
Drinking in my house is weird.
Open back up soon!
—Pearl Jam

What is happy hour
Who are you to tell me
How to drink and when
—Lee Taylor

Ice clinks at the sink
My best friend john sneezes
He likes to make me drinks
—Lee Taylor

At seventy-nine
I have stayed alone for weeks
Quarantined from spring
—Mary Anne Swickerath

Empty buses roll
Outside my kitchen window
Sirens close behind.
—Mary Anne Swickerath

Curse the healing gut,
The stench of sober floorboards,
Death is sinking in.
—Diddlin’ Dave

Lights off at Freddy’s
White frogs in tank swim alone
Glass waits to be filled
-Cat Beurnier

You know what I miss?
Bumping into each other.
Freddy’s needs a Zoom.
—Dan Sternfeld

Here’s some alcohol
Put it in a spray bottle
Try to stop the spread
—Ian M.

The tots are so hot.
I guess, yeah let’s take a shot.
Don’t fret, my bloods clot.
—Lauren Billings

Sunset from Park Slope,
melting over Liberty.
Only time will pass.
—Dan Sternfeld

How could we have known?
Last night’s visit was our last.
Until life resumes.
—Santi Villasis

—Bop Monroe

COVID highlights a
Brooklyn misfortune: My bar
is in my back room
—Rebecca S

Freddy’s Bar is the
filet of the neighborhood
Try the tater tots
—Dan Sternfeld

Why wait until five?
Cocktails at home aren’t the same
So much alone time
—Kristin McCracken

Where do we go when
community’s forbidden?
Into the bottle
—Dan Sternfeld

Beer, grub and fun shows
See you on the other side
Freddy’s will survive
—Felicia S.

Separate for now
to be together later
Someone feed the fish
—Dan Sternfeld

An open letter:
Jameson and a High Life
Doesn’t taste the same.

Used to feel irked
when just the BACKYARD was closed.
It will be back, guys
—Rebecca Rudolph

The bar is closed, so.
I call on the phone, no luck.
Oh, the bar is closed.
—Lauren Billings

When the beer is cold
and you’re hanging at Freddy’s
what else do you need
—E Penniman James

Please reopen soon,
as a speakeasy, so we
can die together.
Willow Burnside

Unmask a big grin
High five through the finish line
Best first beer ever
-Blair Witch (P.S. I miss you!!)


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