“Reciprocity” 3 person Art Show: Runs Sept 16th – Oct 21st.

Receprocity art show


Duane Hosein – Illustrator – https://www.duanehosein.com/    Before I made the switch to working primarily with ink, acrylic was my preferred medium. For this show, I have decided to knock the dust off both my paintbrushes and a few formerly forgotten ideas. I could not say exactly what inspired these new pieces, but wine, delirium and nostalgia probably played a major part.

Alice LeFae – Multimedia – https://www.alicelefae.com/     Alice LeFae is a raccoon who climbed out of a dumpster in Vermont one day, put on people clothes, and started painting. In light of her roots in the animal community, she endeavors to explore the relationship between people and animals through her paintings, which are a combination of watercolor paint and whatever other supplies she can get her grimy little paws on. She can also be contacted to share pictures of really cool insects.


Sara Stryjewski – Painter – https://www.instagram.com/p/BUHfYayFens/    Sara likes to punch you in the face with color but instead of leaving you stunned and reeling, she comforts you with the fantastical imagery of love and beauty. Her bold style of contemporary portraiture is influenced by her graphic design background, her use of color straight from the tube is matched by her raw approach to life, and the manic movements of the brush mimics a personal exorcism ritual. Many of the women featured in her paintings were modeled after porn stars, and the portrayal of them as starry-eyed close-ups bring them to a different level of galactic ecstasy.




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