Rental of Backroom, or Rental of Front Room and Backroom

If you are an Artist or Band wishing to perform at Freddy’s please go to our Introduction & Submission Page.

Rental of the entire bar (Front Room & Backroom) or just the Backroom is negotiable and is handled by sending an explanatory e-mail detailing the request to

The email must include 1.Rental purpose, 2.Desired dates, 3.Times, and 4.Budget. Also include any and all pertinent details, along with the needs you might have from us.

Our Front Room is a public bar space, and is separated from the Backroom performance space by doors.

Our Backroom is primarily an alternative music performance space that also holds screenings and readings.

To get a better idea of the space you may stop by any day between noon & 4am, or check out our 360% tour Below. To see the Digital version of our “Floor Plan” please navigate to the far right window at the bottom of the “360% tour” page called “Full Floor Plan.” You may also see an alternate graphic version of the floor Plan by clicking HERE!

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