“SONIC” Art Exhibition for Vellum Art Magazine Opening Reception 6pm 3/10

Freddy’s Bar is very proud to announce it’s newest art show. This exhibition represents the latest issue of Vellum Art magazine and was designed by David Born and will travel to Art 43 Basel in June to participate in the prestigious art fair’s Magazine Collective.

https://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/351732      Vellum is an artzine for the masses. It exist to educate & inform the common man & woman. The goal is to get the masses interested in the fine arts (specifically emerging artists) which has been a closed and underserved community for too long.


Exhibiting Artists: Donald O’Finn-Nancy Drew-Marcy Brafman-Aaron Houser-Mathanki Kalapathy-Tom Kotik-David Moreno-Gabriel J. Shuldiner

The artists in “Sonic” demonstrate the ability to produce work that explores the idea of sound. Until recently, it was debatable whether sound art could be considered a fine art genre but after numerous artists took on the serious task of producing works that pushed the sound barrier it is now considered a fine art practice. However, “Sonic” is not just limited to those who consciously produce sound artworks. It is also an exploration of those whose projects have a lyrical quality which consciously or unconsciously take on sensibilities found in musical genres such as rock and roll. And how they use that imagery to ponder more social and political issues. It is also an examination of sound appropriated through different schematics of subject matter, mark-making and materials.

Opening reception Sat March 10th at 6pm. Exhibition runs until April 3rd & is on view 7 days a week from noon until 4am.




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