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19mar8:00PMSlamJunk TuesdayA South Brooklyn community supporting some of New York City's finest Soul Stars, Songwriters, and Emerging Artists. 8:00PM

20mar9:30PM11:00PMFeaturedHumans Against Music KaraokeJoin Your lo-fi vixen of voiceless music and your ethnic sidekick technician, H-Bomb and Tokyo Rosenberg for the ultimate in low-tech, high-energy bar entertainment.9:30PM - 11:00PM

21mar8:00PM11:00PMTight ShipComedy: Audience members can expect interactive games, hardy laughs, & meddling co-hosts.8:00PM - 11:00PM

22mar9:30AM11:15AMthe Band of Others & The TarantinosNYC- Surf NightSurf / The TarantinosNYC - then Fred Thomas- couldn't be better!9:30AM - 11:15AM

22mar8:30PM9:15PMSubway SerenadersReal Deal!8:30PM - 9:15PM

22mar11:30PMFeaturedFred Thomas Late-Night Funk-N-Soul Dance PartyJames Brown's bassist for 33 years, Fred tears into mixs of JB hits, blues & Soul classics.11:30PM

23mar8:00PM10:00PMTorn Out Theater presents Ripped UpReadings of new works on sex, gender, and bodies8:00PM - 10:00PM Encrypt: Snljc1NJVWJ2QjVYMHJDK0xpRk9VWkR4WmVxL2FDb0htT1E2MFF0YnZQYz0= Encrypt2: bUFyMlNsZzNSeDk2dmJaeHY1VFNpQT09

23mar10:30PM11:15PMFeaturedThe Flowered GnomesBack at Freddy's with catchy, memorable original rock songs, late 80's/early 90's rock sound, fun upbeat hooks10:30PM - 11:15PM Encrypt: MUNLNjRvU0pyQk5kbk1taDZubmV2RzRMVmVqNVB0QnpDR1hneXhKSVZCMD0= Encrypt2: dkx3NTR1a1R2T3dIR0ZqS3pWcHAxZz09

23mar11:30PMFeaturedMullen, Kastan, Pedone and a Side of Hot SauceThis is a Bad Ass Funk Trio. Dave Mullen-Sax, Brian Kastan-Bass, Matt, Encrypt: cjFmcFdQa0tRWTBtN1VTa25qZStseUdOMW5WOURTNk9aQzV2TkpWSmJCQT0= Encrypt2: Z2RROGZZa1VmdHBSbVZId29DQ01nQT09

24mar2:00PM3:30PMFeaturedHard Crackers Magazine (Reading)American society is a time-bomb.2:00PM - 3:30PM

24mar4:00PM8:00PMFeaturedObsolete Cinema ShatShow VIIWhite Comanche & The Tenth Level4:00PM - 8:00PM Encrypt: cU9hWXNrS1k4RVJDaEExVmZsaG9CUT09 Encrypt2: cU9hWXNrS1k4RVJDaEExVmZsaG9CUT09

24mar9:00PM9:45PMFeaturedLe Voyeur vs David LossCritically acclaimed bands from the Spanish rock scene, & Brooklyn based David Loss.9:00PM - 9:45PM Encrypt: bkN3WGltNDZUdm9qczlUeDhuekNrUWFHWVI0L2Naa2xZa3YwYzBMcFF0cz0= Encrypt2: NzFzdzNjMVR1VUtTa3Rlb3VxWkZSQT09

25mar6:00PMComedy Open MicComedy Monday.6:00PM

25mar9:30PM11:30PMEd Sullivan on Acid: Comedy MondayBrooklyn's Longest Running Stand up. Every Mon.9:30PM - 11:30PM

26mar8:00PMSlamJunk TuesdayA South Brooklyn community supporting some of New York City's finest Soul Stars, Songwriters, and Emerging Artists. 8:00PM

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