“What’s My Line?”Art Exhibition by Daniel Genova.

 From  February 1st until March  26th, 2018, Freddy’s Bar will be hosting in their legendary  “Backroom” an exhibit of line drawings by Brooklyn artist Daniel Genova.
    Genova states: “Line drawings are like nerve endings, they stimulate both the body and mind. They are direct and soulful and often lead you into unchartered waters”.  This will be the first time this work has been shown and the public is invited to attend. Admission is FREE! The opening night will be Thursday, February 1 from 5 to 7pm.
STATEMENT: Throughout my career as a professional artist, line drawings have always been an important means of expression. I liken them to nerve endings that stimulate the rest of the body. When I am at an impasse with my thinking or searching for something new, they lead the way out.They can be humorous, sarcastic, political  or any else for that matter. They are both beauty and beast, unedited and pure.
Daniel Genova Art 1
BIO: Daniel  Genova Is an artist who’s professional career spans almost four decades. His work at one point or another has encompassed drawing, printmaking, painting, ceramics, sculpture, hair gel or whatever’s handy. His work is in many collections and currently may be seen at www. danierlgenova.com as well as Freddy’s! If interested, a person may also request a studio visit by contacting him directly at eyegrease@earthlink.net or through his website.
Daniel  Genova #3
FINAL WORD: This is the 4th time my work has been exhibited at Freddy’s and I want to thank Donald O’Finn and the rest of the staff for allowing me to do so!. My studio is right around the corner at MadArts and Freddy’s has always been not only a great place to grab a beer but a source of inspiration. Their continuous support of the arts in all its forms over the years goes without saying… that is anything except  a big Thank you! Daniel  Genova.
Daniel  Genova #4
Daniel  Genova #5
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