“Freddy’s is as near a PERFECT SALOON EXPERIENCE as you’ll ever encounter” – Time Out New York

Freddy’s listed as 1 of only 5 NYC Bars in “the Strange Science of Creating the Perfect Bar”- NY Times

“One of the BEST BARS IN AMERICA”- Esquire Magazine

“One of the BEST BARS IN THE COUNTRY. Boasts both cult celebrity & a history stretching back to Prohibition”- Brokelyn Magazine

“Greatness lies behind these doors”- NY Magazine / Best Of

“Freddy’s endured as a bar for over SEVEN DECADES…now the inmates are running the asylum “- The Wall Street Journal

“Freddys, a South Brooklyn legend…BEST SMALL MUSIC VENUES in NYC”- Gothamist / Best Of

“Freddys is Brooklyn’s most MOST ECLECTIC, SMARTY PANTS & RESILIENT Bar”- L Magazine

” Best VIDEO ART in a Bar”- Village Voice / Best Of

“Freddy’s, a MUST-SEE LOCATION”- The New York City’s Tourist Board



Robert McCraddle
Freddy’s Bartender
Born Cardiff Wales 1883
Died Brooklyn NY 1968

“The year is 1952.
The place is Freddy’s Bar…
The occasion– another Dodgers World Series loss.”

“Freddy’s hosts some of the city’s most original readings and performances.” – The Village Voice


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  • aron slideshow
  • WhiskeyCoke
  • Photo by Elizabeth Graham
Rob Pecha of Sunset Park with Lola, his English bulldog, who won first prize at the Doggy Fashion Show outside Freddy's Bar during Summer Strolls July 19 on Fifth Avenue in South Slope. 917-833-5922
  • Cheese_Burger_Freddy_web_Photo_Credit_Saskia_Kahn
  • Bar sraight on Photos by Sam Horine_Gothamist
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  • Projection-Credit_South-Slope-News
  • Bartender-Saskia
  • DiveBarBlues
  • 29 Sparrows at Freddy's Bar in Brooklyn
  • wall paper wall choking
  • Cozy-Comfy-Backyard-Photo-Credit-Saskia-Kahn
  • 6-first-CasHank.-Freddys-Backroom.-July-18-2008
  • 5-eva_freddys-anniversary-35
  • backroom angelique webslide
  • cartoon dog
  • 2-Bartender-Mike-Photo-Credit-Saskia-Kahn
  • 1-VarietyPack-Freds



ATM Freddy's LogoATM Freddy's Logo


Bar Video -



Bar Video
Donald O’Finn, Freddy’s co-owner and aesthetic guru screens his acclaimed re-purposed cult videos on various monitors inside the bar as well as an exterior wall projection. O’Finn’s work is the product of re-purposing & re-contextualizing appropriated found footage media samples into what he calls “the Dreams of a Sentient Television.”
Donald O’Finn’s feverishly edited encyclopedically strange video collages…” 
Village Voice –  Best of
The most tripped out and intelligent re-cuts of movie clips, commercials and various other resources you can imagine.OpenAchedemic.org

Beyond Freddy’s Donald is an artist with a Masters degree from the San Francisco Art Institute, and has been creating impressive video collages of old TV and movie clips since the early ’80’s” – South Slope News.


“…the 25-foot-wide flickering image…video art installation outside Freddy’s Bar is beckoning drinkers to the South Slope”- DNA info.

Backroom Art Gallery: We have mounted over 160 Art Exhibitions over 20 years.
More Art
Sweet'nEasy,NancyDrew The woods

Walker by Donald O'Finn Walker by Donald O'Finn

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