18 Feb 2017

Rizzo’s Dilemma

Rizzo's Dilemma is a high-energy rock band hailing from the NYC region. With a sound as versatile and inventive as its members, Rizzo's Dilemma blends the heart and soul of roots rock with elements of pop and funk, always performing unique live shows. The band has played over 1,000 gigs over the past eight years and is currently promoting their first album. In recent years, weddings, parties, and large events have been the main focus,

11 Feb 2017

B-Day, Booze and Postcards (and tater tots!) Frontroom Chill Hang!

Ain’t no sugar coating things. Shit is bad. It’s Black Mirror Live. It’s hard to feel celebratory.   And on top of it all, this aging thing is a bitch too. Another year, another very last minute bday invite and gathering. What can I say, blame my increasingly forgetful mind, and major world distractions. But, the RESISTANCE is strong (against age and the Orange Repugnant Regime) and as we visit, and imbibe, I will provide postcards, stamps

19 Feb 2017


Guitarist and multi-instrumentalist who has worked within many genres of music (world music, jazz, blues, soft rock, electronica and trip hop.) 'Smooth ambient textures and trigger-itchy guitar stylings envelop a distinct melodic communication that is both ominous and intriguing.'~The Akademia. Winner Best Funk Fusion Song 9/16- The