Drown Your Boots

Folky, punchy South Slope based rock band. Brooklyn transplants hailing from all over the country blend bluegrass, americana, punk, and alternative rock for a resulting collection of foot-stomp inducing original

Siobhan Fogarty

Up and coming singer-song writer based in Brooklyn. The Boston native touts powerful vocals and a vibrant energy. Best known for her songs "Touch Me" and "Burn" Siobhan is a strong female voice to listen out

14 Apr 2017

Eli Almic, female hip-hop/soul from Uruguay

A Hip-Hop/Soul artist from Montevideo, Uruguay. Eli started performing in 2012 with Dj RC on beats and scratches recording two albums: Rara vez (2013) and Hace que exista (2016). Hace que exista was considered the best Hip-Hop album in 2016 and ¨Ese lugar sin forma¨ is the first´s album video : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WAZ7Dbj62VI Come to see some spanish rhymes mixed with sweets and smooths melodies. You can find both albums here: https://elialmicdjrc.bandcamp.com/ Recent press: http://www.indiehoy.com/descubrir/eli-almic-dj-rc-rap-conexion-directa-la-poesia/ (Argentina) http://nofm-radio.com/2016/08/hablamedeflow-la-reafirmacion-del-yo-entrevista-a-eli-almic/